Tricky Truck Repair: Automotive and Mechanical Repair

About TTR Auto Repair & Service

Tricky Truck Repair offers the following automotive repair services in Watertown, New York!
  • Serving the Watertown, New York and Jefferson County area
  • Over 30 years automotive experience 
  • Specialities include:

    • Automotive from the Model T and classics to present day
    • Motor and transmission
    • Metal fabrication and welding
    • Exhaust work
    • Point work
    • Body work
    • Diagnostic troubleshooting
    • Alignment and front suspension
    • Brakes and oil changes

  • General services:

    • Small engine and carburetor servicing
    • Metal fabrication
    • Welding
    • RV repair work
    • Towing

  • Our Suppliers:

  • Registered Motor Vehicle
    • Repair Shop No. 7119488
  • Guaranteed an honest, reliable repair 
  • Any additional services you offer 
We guarantee an honest and reliable repair at reasonable prices.  If our repair estimate doesn't quite solve the original problem, we'll make any additional authorized work at 25% of the required labor charge plus parts.  If the remaining fix is under four hours, labor on the additional repair is free!

*Standard automotive labor rate is $60/hour.